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Detoxification – The Benefits Run Deep

A medically designed detox helps heal your body on every level and get rid of unwanted pounds.  Some obvious signs and symptoms that a 14 or 21-day Detox/Cleanse Program would be good for you: Digestive Issues Swelling or Extra Weight Around the Belly Area Bloating Skin Issues Swollen Hands or Feet Hypersensitivity Headaches Joint Stiffness [...]

UCSD’s Centers for Integrative Health Inauguration Event & Launch Party

The Center for Health and Wellbeing's dedicated team of providers all share a passion for helping their patients achieve optimal health.  Though their modalities may be unique, the goal remains the same: wellbeing. Giving back to the community by contributing time and talent, our team has an opportunity to share the gifts they've been given. [...]

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Learn, Renew, and Enjoy: A Celebration of Mind, Body, and Spirit

Please join CHWB's Dr. Silberman, along with other thought leaders in the integrative medical community for a day honoring all things integrative!  This event is for EVERYONE interested in celebrating and participating on their path to optimal health! Date & Time Saturday, August 190, 2017 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM Location UCSD Center for Integrative [...]

Have You Made the Most of Your Insurance Benefits?

The end of the year is fast approaching and if your insurance plan runs on a calendar year your benefits will soon reset.  If you have any benefits remaining, there’s still time to use them before you lose them!   Many people with deductibles or co-insurance payments may have met the out of pocket maximum [...]

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Dr. Silberman – Speaking Engagement Review

Straight from a Doctor’s Mouth: Why We Need to Make Changes to Our Personal Care Products Especially Those We Use on Our Kids June 14, 2017 Dr. Adam Silberman Beautycounter is about cancer prevention. That’s why we always say we’re a movement to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Each month, [...]

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Chinese Cupping Therapy – Presented by Dr. Andrew Keating 

Please join us for a discussion on Chinese Cupping Therapy with Dr. Andrew Keating, L.Ac, DAOM Hosted at The Center for Health & Wellbeing, 3636 5th Ave - 92103 Thursday, August 17th, 2017 @ 6:30 PM  Chinese Cupping Therapy  Cupping Therapy The discussion will include: Why Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and other [...]

The Benefits of Prescription Skincare – What You Should Know When Making a Decision

Healthy, radiant skin requires a diligent routine that includes proper care and hydration. A plethora of things effect the way we look from what we put into our body to what we put onto our skin. An inner glow may shine through byway of what is going on inside of us, and fortunately, in today’s world we [...]

Characterizing Patient and Provider Experiences with MTHFR Polymorphisms and Methylfolate

Characterizing Patient and Provider Experiences with MTHFR Polymorphisms and Methylfolate Click link to read the study in it's entirety:  

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Why Everyone Should do a Detox

Since the beginning of the new year, unless you live in a cave, you have likely heard people proudly touting their new year's resolutions! Almost always among those claims are “Losing weight”, “Getting in shape”, and “Exercising”. To those people, we say, “CHEERS!” A gift to your body, the only one you have, is well [...]

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Intravenous Nutrient Therapy and Cancer Treatment

Recovery from illness is expedited by good nutrition, especially in cancer patients. This is because chemotherapy and radiation literally suck the nutrients right out of the system. Have you ever wondered why people undergoing chemotherapy get that “look”…why the illness actually shows so readily? It is because their bodies are being filled with toxins and [...]

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