Ahmad Kabakibi, MD

Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician

Dr K’s Philosophy: Custom Care

I believe that to become a successful physician one must approach the patient in a very practical and realistic way. I always listen to my patients thoroughly and try to understand where they’re coming from and where they want to go with their health and well-being. I try to understand their background and habits so that I can better tailor their care. I do not believe a rigid approach is helpful for most patients and that is why the vast majority of my patients thrive. I’m willing to involve them in the medical decision making so that it is truly a collaborative approach. When the patient and I work as a team, we have a much higher chance of achieving success and longevity.

What Makes Dr. K Different

One of my favorite phrases is “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” Let me explain what I mean by that. I had a patient several years ago who had very poorly controlled diabetes. He had been to multiple physicians and nobody could get his A1c down below 15. After listening to the patient carefully I figured out that the main problem was the number of insulin injections per day that the doctors wanted him to take. After discussing with him, I was able to convince him to take one shot of insulin a day before bed. With that simple change, his hemoglobin A1c came down from above 15 to less than 7 in six months. He was thrilled and very appreciative. What the other doctors did not seem to understand was that by expecting perfection from every patient you can sometimes discourage them and cause them to not take any of their insulin at all. But by making the regimen reasonable, I got him to take his insulin and that made a very big difference in his eyesight and overall health. I am excited to take this real world, patient centered approach and apply it here with our patients at CHWB.

Education and Training

Georgetown University
Washington, DC

Bachelor of Arts in History

Ross University School of Medicine

Graduated with Honors

Internal Medicine Residency
New York Methodist Hospital

Brooklyn, New York

Board Certified in Internal Medicine
Six time “Top Doctor of San Diego”Award Winner including 2023

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