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Covid-19 Update – Video Appointments

We recommend that, whenever possible, you have a video visit as these visits are convenient and safe. Call us at 619-814-5500 to schedule your appointment. Telemedicine is covered by: Aetna Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Tricare United Healthcare The list of participating health plans is growing daily. Sign up for Zoom!

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Our CHWB team knows there are founded concerns related to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We are following CDC recommendations to establish precautions that keep our center a safe environment for you and your family while we continue to provide the highest level of care you have come to expect from us.  Our team established [...]

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12 Anti-Aging Foods That Will Help Keep You Feeling and Looking Younger Longer

Over a woman's life, she'll spend around $250,000 on looking her best. We all want to be as attractive as possible, but does spending hundreds every year on products actually keep us looking younger? Instead, have you considered the fact that your diet plays a huge part in how healthy you are but also in how young you [...]

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Preventive Health Care Practices for Men and Women

When was the last time you had a wellness check? Everyone’s busy and doctor’s appointments can be time-consuming and expensive. Yet, not finding a problem and getting preventive health care can cost a lot more time and money. Those who wait until their health declines often have a harder time getting well. Continue reading to [...]

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3 Ways To Boost Your Immune System and Stay Healthy This Winter

In today's modern world, many people find themselves in a constant state of go-go-go, with very little room for downtime, self-care, or proper nutrition. Here are 3 ways you can boost your immune system and stay healthy, 1.) Get Enough Vitamins & Minerals Make sure you are getting a sufficient amount of vitamin A, vitamin [...]

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The Center for Health & Wellbeing Presents: New Year Reset 2020! Join us for our 4 week New Year Detox & Revitalization Program Improved Energy / Weight Loss / Mental Clarity / Better Digestion / Healthy Skin Program Price $289 Includes: -Free Initial 30 min Naturopathic Consultation w/ Dr. Nevitt -4 Week Supply of Daily [...]

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San Diego’s Favorite Union-Tribune Readers Poll 2019

Thank you for recently naming us "San Diego's Favorite" in several key categories again! We couldn't have been voted 2019's favorite Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Medical Group, Medical Spa, and Weight Loss Clinic without your support.  Thank you San Diego!

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Insulin Is A Fat Storage Hormone

Insulin is a fat storage hormone, makes us moody, hungry and lethargic when blood sugar crashes. What increases your insulin level and how can I avoid this you ask? Nutrition! Here’s the skinny… Glucose raises insulin. Sugar, refined carbohydrates, and alcohol are the main culprits. These foods include sweets, desserts, baked goods, too many fruits. [...]

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