Primary Care/Family Medicine

Primary care is at the center of any health care coverage and provides you with a personal “medical home-base” where you will receive a full range of services. At The Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHWB) those include health screenings, annual checkups, holistic alternatives for chronic illness, and more.

The Benefits of Primary Care and Prevention

At CHWB our approach to wellness is integrative primary care that helps you achieve and maintain optimal health. Unlike the traditional approach to medicine, we provide a comprehensive, multi-discipline approach that focuses on every aspect of your health, treating all of you, not just the symptom. Getting to the root cause of the symptoms is key in not only getting you healthy, but keeping you healthy.

Whether you come to us for preventative care, acute or chronic illness, our goal remains the same; helping you achieve and maintain optimal health.

Why Choose The Center for Health & Wellbeing

No matter what your family looks like, when you visit CHWB you can expect an integrative approach that is unique and personalized because you are not on a list of dozens we need to see that day. Our patients continue to choose us because they feel our individualized and tailored approach to their wellness distinguishes us from the rest.

What’s Next

If you are visiting CHWB for the first time you will need to complete the New Patient Forms available for download by clicking here. We ask that in order to devote as much time to you as possible during your appointment, that you complete the forms prior to your appointment.

To schedule your appointment you may click here, or call us @ 619/814-5500.

We look forward to seeing you!