Melissa LeBlanc, RN

Huckleberry Milkshake Maven turned Medical Miracle Maker!

Hailing from the picturesque wilds of Columbia Falls, Montana, Melissa’s journey to becoming your friendly neighborhood nurse was anything but ordinary. She spent summers in Glacier National Park slinging huckleberry milkshakes and perfecting her table-busing skills.ital rounds.

At 18, she bravely ventured to Spokane for college, where she conquered the worlds of retail sales (she’s the one who convinced you to buy those neon socks), bartending (the true mixologist of the masses), and even dabbled in the enigmatic realm of banking (trust her, she knows where the money’s hidden).

After a thrilling six-year Spokane stint, she set her sights on the Emerald City of Seattle, where she joined the inaugural e-commerce platform for home loan refinance. Little did they know, Melissa’s secret sales weapon was her ability to turn even a complex mortgage into an enticing bedtime story.

In 1999, San Diego beckoned, and our heroine heeded the call, becoming the senior sales rep extraordinaire. For 11 glorious years, she charmed clients with her wit and wisdom. But, as life is known to do, it beckoned her to a different path—nursing school!

With her heart set on making a difference, Melissa dove headfirst into the world of medicine. She opened the infusion department at The Center for Health & Wellbeing 15 short years ago, where her medical odyssey began. Advocating for patients is her superpower, and she’s dedicated to teaching them to advocate for themselves because options are like ice cream flavors—limitless!

Melissa’s medical mantra? “Why pick one when you can have both?” She’s a firm believer in the magic of integrative medicine, where the best of both Eastern and Western worlds unite. She’s witnessed miracles happen when these two superpowers collide.

With a whopping 15 years of specializing in IV therapy for addiction, cancer, chronic illness, depression, and anxiety, Melissa is your go-to guru for intravenous wizardry you pick, she sticks. Melissa stands as the ultimate authority in the realm of intravenous expertise. Wth a remarkable track record spanning 15 years, she has dedicated her career to helping individuals battling substance abuse and those reliant on diverse pharmaceuticals. Melissa’s expertise lies in NAD infusions, a transformative detoxification method that has seen her successfully guide hundreds of patients from across the globe. Her exceptional skills have also made her a trusted educator, instructing nurses and physicians alike in the intricate art of facilitating detox journeys, addressing a spectrum of substances, ranging from opiates to amphetamines, and encompassing everything in between.So, if you’re looking for a nurse with the wisdom of a huckleberry milkshake mixologist, the charm of a seasoned bartender, the financial acumen of a banking guru, and the heart of a nursing superhero,  look no further! Melissa LeBlanc, RN, is here to save the day, one bad dad joke at a time.

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