Your Guide to Compassionate Medical Care

Getting Started

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To set an appointment, please first download and fill out the appropriate patient forms, and then contact us to find a convenient appointment time.
We emphasize the importance of new patients arriving to their appointment 15 minutes early and we reserve the right to charge $75 for appointments not cancelled without a 24-hour notice.
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Center for Health and Wellbeing
3636 5th Avenue Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92103

Parking for our Hillcrest Office is located behind our building and can be accessed from 4th Avenue just South of Pennsylvania Avenue. There is a $2.00 per hour rate for patients parking in the lot during their appointments.

There are two disabled parking spaced located on 5th Avenue, directly in front of our office. The front of our building is wheelchair accessible. Once inside, there is an elevator available.

Monday -Thursday: 9am to 5pm
Friday: 9am to 2pm
Every 3rd Saturday of each month: 9am to 1pm
Patient appointments for some services may be scheduled outside of our regular business hours.

(619) 384-5910
(619) 794-0260

Please keep your personal and billing information current. Notify our receptionist if you have had a change in name, address, phone number, or insurance.
Learn more about what to expect as our patient by reading the patient information sheet, available for download: what to expect (pdf)

We care about your privacy. Learn more from The Center for Health and Wellbeing’s practice privacy notice, available for download: Practice Privacy Notice (pdf)

To hear your confidential lab results and other important messages, please call our automated message link system at 619-814-0802. Please allow a minimum of five business days for lab results.

Please note: Do not expect a voicemail message regarding lab results if you have been asked to follow up with an appointment to review your results.

The system will ask you to enter your patient ID number followed by the pound sign. This patient ID number is confidential and will be assigned to you at your office visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

No cash refunds without a receipt.
No cash refunds on items or on any items that have been opened.
No cash refunds after 30 days.
Credit refunds with a receipt on purchases 30-90 days old.
No refunds or credits on purchases over 90 days old.
Gift Certificates are non-refundable and must be used for their intended purpose.
There is a $25 charge for returned checks or declined credit cards.
The Center for Health & Wellbeing is not responsible for lost or stolen items. In the event that your leave a personal item here, we will make every effort to find it and return it to you.
Life Threatening Emergencies: Dial 911
For medical situations outside office hours, a physician may be paged by calling our answering service at 760-494-9699.

If you have an urgent medical problem during business hours, please call our office at 619-814-5500 and we will either schedule a same day appointment with you or have a nurse triage your call. If we cannot see you in our office the same day, we may refer you to an urgent care facility

All Patients may go to any Urgent Care facility listed in your provider directory; or call the toll free number on the back of your insurance card for more information.
Please contact your pharmacy directly and have them fax your refill request to our office at 619-814-5500. Please allow 72 hours for routine refills to be processed. Plan ahead. A prescription refill is not an emergency. New prescriptions and certain medications require prior authorization and may not be covered by your insurance. Please allow 7-10 days for insurance companies to verify coverage. We cannot guarantee insurance coverage for your medications.
Your insurance dictates where you must go for lab work. Please ask our staff for specific locations. Allow up to 7 business days for results including pap smears and blood tests. Our office will follow-up with you in regards to your results.
We cannot guarantee insurance coverage for lab-work
Your insurance dictates where you must go for x-ray. Please ask our clinic staff for specific locations. Please allow up to 7 business days for results.
HMO Patients should allow 7-10 business days for routine referrals to be authorized. In most cases patients will receive a letter in the mail or our office will contact you by phone. PPO patients may usually make specialist appointments directly. For referral details and limitations, patients should contact their insurance company directly.
If you have a medical emergency that is life threatening, dial 911 immediately. If the matter is urgent, and after office hours, please call our answering service at 760-494-9699 to page the provider on call.
There are two disabled parking spaced located on 5th Avenue, directly in front of our office. The front of our building is wheelchair accessible. Once inside, there is an elevator available.