Alex Roher, MD


Dr. Alex Roher M.D. graduated from University of Arizona with a degree in Molecular Biology in 2004 and went on to obtain his Medical Doctorate from the University of Arizona School of Medicine in 2008. After his Surgical Internship at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital in 2009 and Loma Linda University Residency in 2012 he earned a board certification in Anesthesiology. 

Dr. Roher enjoyed being a full time Anesthesiologist for seven years, but he preferred to build a connection and long term relationship with his patients. He went on to train to be an aesthetic provider and opened SDBotox, San Diego’s top medical spa. He was able to make a difference in people’s lives; helping his patient’s to feel confident in their skin. His zest for life was renewed! 

Dr. Roher later branched into hormone optimization with OptimizeU and his medical mind kicked into high gear. As he turned the corner into his 40s he started to research how he could be his healthiest for as long as possible. Modern medicine had some answers, but was hindered by many insurance roadblocks and antiquated ideas of “prevention”. He dreamed of a place where doctors could practice the type of medicine they were passionate about and not be shackled by insurance companies formalities and regulations. 

His tenacity to find the best answers has led him to The Center for Health and Wellbeing, where healthcare is focused on proactive, science-based approach to elongate your healthspan, lifespan and the zest for life.

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