Today we’ll be sharing 5 healthful eating habits from an expert Naturopathic Medical Doctor you can implement right away to help you start losing weight and feeling great!

In this video, we’ll be covering a range of tips learned from blue zone areas from around the world (where populations have lived until they are 100 years old).

A few of the healthy eating habits we’ll cover include:

✔️ Hara Hachi Bu and the benefits of eating until you’re 80% full.
✔️ The importance of NOT SKIPPING breakfast
✔️ How to balance your plate using the best ratios
✔️ The importance of healthy fats
✔️ How being present will help you drop the pounds

And much much more!

Watch now:

By following the tips outlined in this video you’ll not only have a better understanding of the WHY around these recommended tips, but also have everything you need to get started right away so you can take control of your health and help get a handle on your gastro-intestinal challenges, clear brain fog, reduce stress, help drop a little unwanted weight and much more.

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