Steve Haley, DC

Doctor of Chiropractics

Pain management, Sports Injuries, Active and Exercise Rehab, Chiropractic Pregnancy Care, Chiropractic Pediatrics

Dr. Haley’s Philosophy

Dr. Haley believes that health comes from within. That if we have no imbalances, our bodies and our health will gravitate to a place of wellbeing. Chiropractic fits into that realm as we seek to help restore musculoskeletal imbalances and help the central nervous system function with as little interference as possible.

What Makes Dr. Haley Different

Dr. is well versed in several techniques. His easy going personality and positive outlook helps keep patients, especially first time chiropractic patients, calm and relaxed.

Dr. Haley is a traditional based hands on chiropractor. Specializing in several techniques that gently help to adjust, or mobilize the spine and spinal segments. “Keeping the spine mobile is key. Function follows form. We know that lack of joint mobility is a key factor in degenerative joint disease. That applies to the spine as well. A healthy mobile spine will serve our body better, and help us gravitate to a place of better health.”, says Dr. Haley.

We can see patients of all walks, ages and lifestyles. From the athlete who is looking for better performance, children, aging adults, and everyone in between. One of Dr. Haley’s passions is working with expectant moms.

Dr. Haley is also a veteran of our armed forces and enjoys helping the veteran community, which is often underserved, as often as possible.

Dr. Haley enjoys camping, fishing and hiking. Dr. Haley is an avid baseball and football fan and can often be found volunteering at his sons high school baseball and football games.

Modality | Practice

Dr. Haley loves to work with the soon to be mama. Helping to keep mom healthy and balanced during her pregnancy helps to move her towards a better birthing experience. Many chiropractors shy away from treating “pregger mommas”, when in fact you could argue there is no more necessary a patient, to experience the benefits of chiropractic care, than the mom who is carrying a second life within her.


Dr. Haley is a 1998 graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College.

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