Naturopathic Medicine

When alternative medicine is combined with mainstream or western medicine it is commonly referred to as naturopathic medicine, though more frequently is termed “integrative medicine”.

Emphasizing prevention and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods that stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself, Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care option. The practice of naturopathic medicine includes modern, traditional, and scientific methods.

Naturopathic providers diagnose by taking thorough histories, performing in-depth physical exams, and ordering advanced clinical and laboratory diagnostic testing and imaging. They utilize the latest advances in medical science and integrate them with time-tested naturopathic principles and practices. Naturopaths are trained to utilize prescription drugs, although the emphasis of naturopathic medicine is the use of natural healing agents.

The Importance of Discovering Root Causes

A Naturopathic provider will seek to identify and remove the underlying causes of illness rather than eliminate or suppress symptoms. For example, a hormonal imbalance, gastrointestinal problem or a chiropractic issue may well present itself as a problem sleeping, abdominal cramping, forgetfulness, headaches, dizziness, or even an earache. The Naturopath will use your symptoms as a guide to uncover the root cause of the issue and why it manifested.

Naturopathic therapies or treatments may include:

  • Acute and Chronic Disease Treatment
  • Nutrient and Diet Therapy
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
  • Genetic Testing
  • Health and Lifestyle Counseling
  • Natural Treatments for High Cholesterol,High Blood Pressure, and Diabetes
  • IV Protocols for Optimizing Energy and Immune Function
  • Regenerative Joint Injections for Pain and Injury
  • Platelet Rich Plasma and Prolotherapy
  • Sports Medicine
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Why Choose The Center for Health & Wellbeing

CHWB continues to accept insurance for Naturopathic medical appointments, an advantage that sets us apart when considering your alternative healthcare options. We’re confident our patients continue to return because of the wide range of integrative health care options we are able to offer and the care they receive.

What’s Next

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