The Benefits of Micro Needling

Micro-needling has become all the rage in skin care. The process involves a device affixed with tiny needles to create small pricks in the skin. These tiny wounds are skin-deep, but cause the body to quickly begin the healing process. As the skin heals, it looks glowing, radiant, and healthy. Micro-needling continues to enhance your [...]

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Healthy Aging: Our Top Scientific Tips for Aging Well

While people worldwide are living longer, studies show that people are also aging much faster than ever before. Factors like stress and lifestyle habits can affect the pace at which our face, body, and overall condition changes. Do you do anything to prevent aging? Whether you're a teenager or a senior citizen, there are things you [...]

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Unwanted Thoughts or Actions? Find Out if Your Neurotransmitter Levels Need Adjusting

We talk a lot about wellbeing at CHWB and the contributing factors that help shape our state of being – physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally – the basic tenants of who we are and why. Research constantly edifies our understanding of how everything around us, including our environment and thoughts, inform our state of being [...]

How You Can Heal Using Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy -PEMT

Healing, Healthy Aging and Pain Management Active, regular tuning-up of our cells is not only feasible, but also necessary to slow aging and reduce the risk of cell dysfunction.  Imperceptible cell dysfunction that is not corrected can lead to disease. Fine-tuning can be done daily, in just minutes, using pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs).  When there [...]

What Do Inflammation, Anti-Aging, Hangovers and Even Cancer Have in Common?

Without a doubt, that is a loaded question - and, there are many medical reasons why they may have a lot more in common than what we're going to touch on here.   However, for the sake of this discussion, the implied commonality is that Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy is frequently used as an adjunct form [...]

San Diego’s Favorite – UT Reader’s Poll 2017

It is with a grateful heart that we accept honors of San Diego's "Favorite" in three categories in the 2017 Union Tribune Reader's Poll:  Favorite Medical Group Favorite Medical Spa Favorite Massage - Carmen Kessing Thank you all for voting and supporting CHWB!

The Benefits of Prescription Skincare – What You Should Know When Making a Decision

Healthy, radiant skin requires a diligent routine that includes proper care and hydration. A plethora of things effect the way we look from what we put into our body to what we put onto our skin. An inner glow may shine through byway of what is going on inside of us, and fortunately, in today’s world we [...]

Surviving Menopause – Yes, You Can Do This!

Hot flashes, aching joints, itchiness, mood swings, fatigue...and this next one is really fun: getting BIGGER around your mid-section and gaining weight despite working out and eating right! Does any of this ring a bell?  As Anita Ward sang back in our days of disco, yes, "You can ring my bell!"  Although, someone might need [...]

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IV Nutritional Therapy

IV Nutritional Therapy (IVNT) involves the intravenous administration of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These natural medicines are sterile, safe, and in their most bio-available forms. Injecting nutrients directly into the bloodstream assures 100% absorption, and higher doses can be given than those usually tolerated when taken orally. The Super Immune IV [...]

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