Brain burned out, or dependent on substances? Feeling like your brain isn’t working right anymore, due to the use of psychiatric medications, sleep medications, alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco or marijuana, or addiction to the screen (social media, video games, etc.)? Or do you just feel you’ve lost your mental sharpness and drive from overwork? Either [...]

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San Diego’s Favorite Union-Tribune Readers Poll 2018

Thank you for recently naming us "San Diego's Favorite" in several key categories! We couldn't have been voted 2018's favorite Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Medical Group, Medical Spa & Weight Loss Clinic without your support. Thank you San Diego!!

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20 Years!

We're celebrating 20 years of providing health and well-being through an integrative model of primary care medicine and natural alternatives! Founder Dr. Janette Gray is known by her peers as "the Healthy Aging Specialist," and believes in making this integrative medical model available to more patients. Health is not merely the absence of disease, but [...]

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The Benefits of Prescription Skincare – What You Should Know When Making a Decision

Healthy, radiant skin requires a diligent routine that includes proper care and hydration. A plethora of things effect the way we look from what we put into our body to what we put onto our skin. An inner glow may shine through byway of what is going on inside of us, and fortunately, in today’s world we [...]