More than 300 million people regularly practice yoga worldwide.

What’s the hype about? We all know yoga is good for us but what are the actual benefits?

Is there more to it than just feeling relaxed after a class? Let’s a look at why you should practice yoga and the top 8 benefits of yoga.

1. Yoga Enhances Creativity

Yoga is good for the brain. The connection between mind and body you need to foster while practicing yoga helps create new neural pathways.

Focusing on the present moment and giving attention to your breath is a great way to help your brain find new ways to be creative.

2. Detoxifies the Body

Many of the poses in yoga help to massage your internal organs. This can help to relieve them of toxins. Twisted poses are said to be the best poses for detoxifying.

3. Helps You Gain Clarity

When you practice yoga, you need to stay focused and forget about everything else that’s trying to occupy your mind. This allows you to gain more mental clarity as you become more relaxed.

4. Enables You To Unwind

When your body is in fight or flight mode, it causes stress. Many of us spend a high proportion of our day in this state. Yoga stimulates the vagus nerve, which calms the production of cortisol.

For this reason, you leave a yoga class feeling like a calmer, renewed version of yourself!

5. Great For Self Love

Yoga is an excellent practice if you lack a little self-confidence. It’s all about respecting the body and being grateful for its capabilities.

The yogic mindset is fantastic for helping you heal from traumas and can give you a new lease of life.

6. Build Inner Strength

The physical benefits of yoga are often obvious. If you practice regularly, you will feel stronger and notice an increase in muscle tone.

The surprising benefit is that yoga gives you mental strength too. Many of the poses are challenging, and you need resilience to work towards them and hold them.

7. Boosts Your Brainpower

Meditation is part of many yoga practices. Meditation is scientifically proven to enhance grey matter in the brain. So if you regularly practice yoga, it will make you smarter.

The meditative aspect of the practice is just one of the many mental benefits of yoga.

8. Helps You Get Better Rest

Practicing yoga calms your central nervous system and takes your body out of the stress state. This is why you feel so sleepy and relaxed after a class.

If you practice yoga, you will find it much easier to fall asleep and get a good night’s rest. Never underestimate the importance of sleep for your mental health.

Feel the Benefits of Yoga 

There’s no better way to reap all the yoga benefits than getting on your mat to start! Whether you start with 10 minutes or a full hour, even a short practice will help you feel relaxed.

Not only will yoga help improve your flexibility and long-term wellbeing, but all the incredible benefits listed above too.