integrative physical medicine

Are you looking for an approach that focuses on the patient rather than a condition? Do you think that there’s a better way to care for yourself, but you just haven’t found it yet?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. That thing that you’ve been missing is integrative physical medicine.

This patient-centered approach to healthcare works on aligning the mind, body, and soul to achieve natural equilibrium. Thus, the body can begin healing.

To learn more about integrative physical medicine and everything it can do for you, keep reading. We’re going to share all of the benefits that you could get by using this approach.

1. Integrative Medicine Prioritizes Healing

The principles of integration medicine revolve around traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. So, integrative medicine isn’t concerned with handing out medication to treat symptoms. Rather, the practice looks at overall wellness, vitality, and healing.

Those who practice integrative medicine start by assuming that every condition begins with a physiological imbalance. Somehow, the physiological balance in the patient became disrupted, and – now – we have to figure out how and why.

By driving towards answers using this angle of approach, integrative medicine providers can heal the whole self. So, rather than receiving a new prescription that may help with symptoms, you can receive a new lifestyle that can rejuvenate you in multiple ways.

2. Integrative Medicine Sees the Whole Body

Too often, patients have to see multiple doctors for one problem. If there’s a condition that’s affecting more than one organ system, the patient may have to see a family doctor, a dermatologist, a cardiologist, and a gastroenterologist for the same thing.

Luckily, providers who practice integrative medicine look at the body as a whole. They aren’t concerned with one organ system or one pathway. They’re looking at the function of the entire body as an intertwined system.

Because – well – the body is intertwined. So, you shouldn’t be isolating pieces from one another.

This approach gives integrative medical providers the ability to search for the root cause of a condition or disease. Otherwise, they would just be treating a bunch of symptoms.

Integrative medicine focuses on restoring balance within the body and ensuring that the patient continues to support this balance. They can do this via a healthy diet, exercise, and more.

Integrative medicine also takes limiting factors into account. The patient may have a busy work schedule or be balancing too much in their personal life.

By addressing these factors as well, integrative medical providers can help patients make treatment plans work for them. Often, patients are left to their devices after a doctor recommends a particular course of treatment. When it comes to integrative medicine, the providers work with you on developing a plan rather than expecting that you follow the one they made.

3. Integrative Medicine Requires a Therapeutic Relationship

Since an integrative medicine provider is looking to work with their patients, a new relationship is born. Rather than the provider overseeing the patient, the patient can become a part of their own care.

An integrative physician guides and advises the patient, but – together – they decide the best course of action And, when it comes to managing chronic diseases, patients and providers seek progression rather than perfection.

If you have a chronic illness, an integrative medicine provider will meet you where you are rather than expect that things will change overnight. By being realistic about the future of your care, integrative medicine providers are ensuring that you can see real results. Then, there’s no disappointment when things aren’t drastically better within a month.

So, you’ll take baby steps and see real improvements over time.

And, it’s goodbye to quick fixes that only do well in the short term. With integrative medicine, you’ll be able to see the full picture and gain sustainable results.

4. Integrative Medicine Personalizes Patient Care

Integrative medical professionals are focused on doing what’s right for the patient in from of them. Just because one method worked on one patient does not mean that that method is going to work for every single patient after him/her.

So, integrative medicine providers work to personalize the care that each and every patient gets.

As we said, these professionals meet patients where they are. And, it’s unlikely that any two patients will thrive from the exact same treatment given that we’re all facing different things in life.

Taking this into account, integrative medicine providers work to find the right answers for your problems. So, you can be confident that the treatment that you’re getting is for you.

And, if something isn’t working, the provider can help you adjust the course of treatment to a better alternative. All in all, you’ll have someone looking out for you.

5. Integrative Medicine Combines Treatments

Integrative family medicine doctors combine all kinds of treatments and therapies, including relaxing massage therapy. In the end, they can create the right combination of all of these methods.

They aren’t limited by prescriptions and reactants. Rather, they’re working to find the most cost-effective and least invasive techniques for their patients.

And, integrative medicine providers are always looking at the most cutting-edge treatments while ensuring that each option is safe for their patients.

With this, integrative medical professionals focus on well-being. This is especially in cases where the patient’s condition may not have a cure.

Rather than forcing quick change, integrative medicine seeks to build a strong foundation of health. In turn, balance in the body will come.

San Diego Integrative Medicine

Integrative physical medicine is a revolutionary way of focusing on patients and their whole bodies. It gets rid of toxic thinking in the medical field and ensures that the focus remains on healing.

If you’re interested in speaking to an integrative family medicine professional, meet our team. We have multiple providers with different specialties, interests, and abilities. And, you’re bound to find the right physician for you.

Once you’ve made your appointment, you’re all set to start healing yourself from the inside out. Here’s what you can expect for your upcoming appointment. We’re excited to meet you and get started on your health journey!