Sef Tritt, N.D.

Naturopathic Medicine

Anti-Aging Therapies | Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy | Sexual Dysfunction | Urological Ailments

Dr. Tritt’s Philosophy

“Live the best life you can live. You should feel good throughout your journey,  free of pain, aging gracefully, and poised to weather any storm.  Nature has given us the tools to optimize our health, prevent and treat diseases, and heal mind, body, or soul. Dr. Tritt believes that the body ultimately heals itself, but she plays in integral part in the process by teaching and guiding patients through their healing journey.”

What Makes Dr. Tritt Different

Starting at an early age, she became interested in nutrition and disease prevention.  Before attending medical school, Dr. Tritt worked in the veterinary medicine field as a Veterinary Technician where her love for medicine intensified, but she also became concerned about the overuse of pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Tritt has had a love for nature and medicine. While she grew up in a  holistic household and wanted to be a doctor, ultimately, it was dealing with her mother’s sudden cancer diagnosis, poor medical treatment, and death that really propelled Dr. Tritt into investigating naturopathic medicine. She was determined to learn how she could help people beyond standard conventional medical treatments.

Integrative Naturopathic Medicine

Functional | Holistic | Alternative
Dr. Tritt believes that every patient is an individual and treatments should reflect this, so no two treatment plan look exactly the same, even if treating the same disease. Some of the modalities Dr. Tritt uses most often include diet and lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplementation, botanical medicine, bio-identical hormone therapy, and anti-aging therapies. Dr. Tritt treats both men and women’s hormonal issues, sexual dysfunction, and urological complaints. She is trained in PRP treatment for erectile dysfunction in men and urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction for women.

Dr. Tritt’s utilizes therapies and modalities including:

  • Anti-Aging Therapies
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Urological Ailments


Medical Degree
Naturopathic Medical Doctor – Bastyr University, San Diego, California / 2016

Undergraduate Studies
Bachelor of Science in Biology – New York Institute of Technology, NY, NY/2011

Additionally Certifications

Biote Hormone Optimization Certification, Biote Medical, Houston, TX/2018

O-Shot (Clitoral PRP Treatment) Certification, Johnny Peet, MD, Dallas, TX /2018

P-Shot (Priapus PRP) Training, Charles Runels, MD, Online Training/2018

Certificate of Naturopathic Approach to Mayan Healing, Katie Stage, ND and Heath McAllister, ND, Belize/2016

Platelet-rich Plasma Facial Training, Stephanie Hendershot, ND and Chil Khakham, ND, Encinitas, CA/2016

Fundamental and Clinical Applications of IV Nutrient Therapy Certification, Bastyr University, San Diego, CA/2015

National Council on Strength and Fitness Personal Fitness Trainer Certification, Ft. Lauderdale, FL/2005

Professional Affiliations

Endocrinology Association of Naturopathic Physicians/Since 2016

American Urological Association/Since 2016

Sexual Medicine Society of North America/Since 2016

Academy of Integrated Health and Medicine/Since 2015

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians/Since 2012

California Naturopathic Doctor Association/Since 2012

Naturopathic Medical Student Association/2012-2016

American Medical Student Association, National member/2008-2016

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