Take a pause and ask yourself…

Is your life and health where you want it to be?

If you’re not happy with the answer or feel anxious or overwhelmed by it don’t worry. All you need is a goal and the right tools and plan to help get you there.

Dr. Lam shares a few of the best ways to start the wonderful journey of becoming your best self in both your life and health is by taking care of what Dr. Lam refers to as The 7 Spheres of Lifestyle Synergy.

By working through these 7 areas and bringing them into alignment you can ignite something from deep within you and begin to see radical change and improvement in your life and health.

Here’s a breakdown for each of the 7 spheres and how you can improve them.

Community & Purpose

“Plan de vida” – why I wake up in the morning, translates to up to 7 years of extra life expectancy; community=spirituality and loved ones first, surrounding yourself with people who fill you with joy and love, and support healthy habits.

Diet / Nutrients

1/2 plate veggies, eat the rainbow, low glycemic load, whole unprocessed food from organic grass-fed and free range sources, minimal grains & gluten, mindful eating healthy dietary fats eat seasonally when possible.

Physical Activity

Consistent movement throughout the day, doesn’t have to be gyms or marathons, but getting your body moving on a regular basis; intensity intervals and weight bearing exercise incorporated for weight loss.

Stress Response

The healthiest and longest living cultures have something built into each day for mindfulness and to shed stress; try breathing exercises, going for a walk, or calling a friend.


Consistency, 80-20 rule; “hara hache bu”: eat until 80% full (or until not hungry any more), smallest meal in late afternoon/early evening and no more the rest of the day.

Environmental Influences

Reduce toxic exposure in environment (be careful with non-organic food, skin/cleaning products, contaminated water/air, toxic social relationships)l support detoxification pathways through antioxidants, fibre and herbs when necessary.

Hygiene & Habits

Take care of your body from the inside and out! And map out healthy actions and routines you can take towards each of the spheres above daily, weekly, and monthly (these eventually become your habits or rituals).

All of these combined will help you achieve your best health and life.

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