Acupuncture – What’s the Point? Master Tung’s System of Acupuncture

Dr. Tung Ching-Chang Master Tung Ching Chang has been acknowledged as one of the greatest acupuncturists of the 20th century, hailing from a long family lineage of practitioners who closely guarded, refined and passed down their unique minimalistic therapeutic tradition over many generations. Master Tung's point prescriptions are distinguished by their simplicity, ease [...]

10-Great Acupuncture Points to Use Everyday

Here are 10-great acupuncture points to use daily, that may help with weight loss, feeling better, or even to decrease pain. By Justin Burkett, L.Ac. Need more energy but burned out on coffee? Need to relax but stressed about … well… everything? Feeling exhausted and under the weather, getting those bugs that always seem to [...]

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