hiking in san diego

It doesn’t take long for lockdown to have you feeling glum. Learning to bake bread can only entertain you for so long.

The movie theaters, clubs, museums, and most of the other cool activities are suspended until further notice. So, what are you supposed to do about those quarantine blues?

Fortunately for those in and around San Diego, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoors activities. Read ahead to learn where to go hiking in San Diego and the benefits you’ve recieve.

1. Fresh Air

Now, more than ever, people concern themselves with quality of the air they breathe. Even in time before COVID, many big cities have poorer air quality than is ideal.

Of course, nothing beats the fresh air when you’re in nature with trees all around in. Among the biggiest health benefits of hiking is that pure, unadulterated air.

Take a deep breath and appreciate all that crisp oxygen the plants provide for you.

2. Stress Relief

As you exhale that deep breath, allow yourself to let go of all your daily worries. Try to forget about the pandemic, economy, and politics for a little while.

It is much easier to do so while exploring one of the many hiking spots in San Diego.

Being around nature reduces stress and anxiety. Plus, there are no negative side effects.

3. Cardio and Joint Health

A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous and leads to an early death.

With the gyms and health clubs out of operation, checking out the great outdoors is your best bet. There are hiking areas in San Diego for people of all levels of experience and ability.

Hiking regularly can help reduce your cardiovascular risk. Also, it strenghtens the muscles and joints, fortifying your articulations.

4. New Skills and Knowledge

If you’ve never been the outdoorsy type, this might seem like uncharted territory.

First of all, don’t intimidate yourself by thinking you’re going to use Bear Gryllis-style techniques on your weekend walk. The vast majority of the best hiking trails in San Diego are easily accesible and very clearly marked.

Consider it an opporunity to learn about the area. Read the plaques describing the flora and fauna. Learn about the local history.

5. In Touch With Nature

People who hike regularly tend to feel more in touch with nature. They feel at ease among the forests and the animals.

You might start to view the world differently. Don’t be surprised if you end up with a deeper appreciation for the ecosytem.

Where to Visit

The Seven Bridge walk is great for beginners since it is flat and smooth. It goes on for miles and offers great bird watching.

The Fortuna Mountian Trail is a more challenging trail. It is located within the Mission Trails Regional Park, northwest of San Diego.

Finally, we can recommend the Climber’s Loop Trail, but only for more experienced hikers. It is relatively short but features very difficult terrain.

Get Hiking In San Diego

Hiking and health go hand in hand. During a lockdown, getting away from it all might be your best bet

There are so many options for hiking in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

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