covid vaccine

COVID-19 made 2020 a year we wish had never happened. Unfortunately, we haven’t quite made it out of the woods just yet.

Their advantages of being connected through social media and other websites. However, it can be difficult to know what sources to trust.

What is our opinion about the COVID vaccine? How much about what people are saying is true? Read on as we dissect COVID vaccine news to separate fact from fiction.

1. The Vaccine Cures COVID-19

When the vaccine was approved, some of us may have let out a premature sigh of relief.

The vaccine reduces the probability of a healthy person acquiring the virus. It doesn’t prevent you from getting sick if you already caught it. Nor does it help someone who is already struggling on a ventilator.

The COVID vaccine progress is promising. With the surge of new variants, it certainly isn’t time to abandon social distancing and other protocols.

2. The Vaccine Contains a Microchip

There are several variations of this myth going around. Essentially, the claim is that the push to vaccinate everyone is actually a Trojan horse of sorts.

Supporters of this theory believe that the injection contains a tiny ‘microchip’. Most believe this chip would be used by the government to track people. It has been claimed that 5G mind control is the ultimate goal and Bill Gates is behind it.

This is what we call a conspiracy theory. There is absolutely no evidence (aside from posts by untrustworthy Facebook groups) that shows any of this could be real.

3. The Vaccine Is Dangerous

OK, so maybe the vaccine isn’t part of some supervillain plot to control the world. But, how do we know that it’s safe?

Did they go too fast with the COVID vaccine trials? Did the drug companies value speed over safety for the sake of profit? Let’s break down the facts.

Clinical Trials

Scientists determine what treatments are safe and effective by using clinical trials involving volunteers.

Phase I consists of test the COVID 19 vaccine on a small number of healthy volunteers to search for adverse reactions.

In phases II and III, the product is further tested for safety but also for efficacy.

Early Data

So far, the most common side effects are quite mild and are similar to almost any other injection.

Severe reactions, such as anaphylaxis, are very rare and also not exclusive to the vaccine.

Internet claims that the vaccine is linked to infertility are baseless.

Long Term Effects

Phase IV clinical trials consist of ‘postmarket surveillance’. This is a study to analyze treatment and side effect data over years.

This is the best way to determine the long-term effects of a drug. However, it takes years and even decades.

Time will tell but there doesn’t seem to be any reason why this would be the case. What is known is that COVID-19 is devastating and needs to be taken care of.

Following the COVID Vaccine

COVID-19 brought the world to its knees in 2020. However, the response (from most people) was that of unity and support.

There will always be those who wish to profit from misinformation and fake news. This can make it difficult to understand the reality surrounding the COVID vaccine.

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