The Center for Health and Wellbeing’s dedicated team of providers all share a passion for helping their patients achieve optimal health.  Though their modalities may be unique, the goal remains the same: wellbeing.

Giving back to the community by contributing time and talent, our team has an opportunity to share the gifts they’ve been given.  Whether it’s with those that may not have the means to experience integrative medicine due to circumstances, or simply help get the word out about the work we do everyday at CHWB.

On August 19, 2017, UC San Diego Center for Integrative Health hosted an event – a true celebration of mind, body and spirit.  The day was a collaboration of thought leaders in the integrative medical community honoring all things integrative.


Dr. Silberman delivering his TED talk on Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. and Mrs. Silberman prepare to present a "Food is Medicine" cooking demonstration.

Dr. and Mrs. Silberman prepare to present a “Food is Medicine” cooking demonstration.

The TED style talks, cooking demonstrations, meditation, yoga, and more, were all part of the discussion on how alternative medicine integrated more fully with western science provides better outcomes for patients.

Dr. Silberman, along side his wife, Serena, an instructor at the UCSD Integrative Medicine Natural Healing Cooking Program, both participated throughout the day in different events and demonstrations.