Recovery from illness is expedited by good nutrition, especially in cancer patients. This is because chemotherapy and radiation literally suck the nutrients right out of the system. Have you ever wondered why people undergoing chemotherapy get that “look”…why the illness actually shows so readily? It is because their bodies are being filled with toxins and metabolic waste at the same time they are being starved of nutrition.

Cancer Nutrition – Electrolytes and Hydration are Imperative

Cancer patients need high dosages of nutrients that are instantly accessible to the organs, tissues, and cells. Intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy delivers vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption and efficacy.

This delivery method is especially important to cancer patients because the treatments leave patients prone to dehydration. The decreases in electrolytes and bodily fluid can critically impact cells. Therefore, such delivery through the veins is paramount for hydration and nutrient absorption.

Research Supports Adjunct IV Treatments for Cancer Patients

Cancer can be affected by the deficiency of the microenvironment due to the environment outside of the cancer cells thus enabling the cancer to progress.  However, when micronutrients are delivered intravenously they actually offer enhancement of the cancer treatment.unspecified-5

Since 1970 research and studies have been done examining the efficacy of IV nutrition therapy and its use as an adjunctive treatment for cancer patients. One such study, involving 8,500 patients, produced evidence that patients given IV nutrients displayed a decrease in their side effects, provided better protection of normal tissue, and increased survival rates.

Since then, with the use of IV therapy becoming more regarded, many integrative providers are using this as a way of potentiating some cancer protocols. One enormous benefit that comes from IV nutrient therapy is a stronger immune system. Evidence shows the healthier the immune system better patient outcomes are the result.

As with anything involving a treatment protocol, you should first discuss with your primary care provider and/or oncologist to ensure adding a complimentary treatment is beneficial.

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