Technology is reshaping the way the world operates, including doctor visits. Telehealth technology allows patients to connect with physicians from their phones and laptops. Currently, 76 percent of U.S. hospitals consult with patients through videos and other technologies.

If your first telehealth appointment is approaching, don’t be nervous. The more you prepare, the smoother your virtual checkup will go. Keep reading to learn five ways you can ensure your telehealth session is a success.

1. Prepare Your Space

Sharing medical history and other personal health concerns should always be a private matter. Before your telehealth appointment, prepare a private area. Make sure no one will interrupt or overhear your session.

Don’t forget to make sure your technology is set up and ready before your scheduled appointment.

Test your video beforehand to ensure it works. Make everything (like phones, laptops, and AirPods) are charged up before your appointment begins. If you’re using video chatting, ensure your space is well-lit, so your doctor can clearly see you.

2. Get Your Documents Together

Gather your medical documents as if you were going to the office. If you are speaking with a new doctor, prepare your medical history so you can easily answer questions regarding your health.

Before your telehealth appointment, make sure you have the following documents ready:

  • Current over-the-counter prescriptions and supplements you take
  • Pharmacy information (address and phone number)
  • Primary doctor’s contact information (if you’re speaking to a new physician)
  • Insurance information

If you are experiencing symptoms, jot down how you feel before your appointment. Make sure your doctor is aware of any pre-existing conditions or lifestyle changes that may be affecting how you feel.

3. Take Notes From Meetings

As you prepare for your first telehealth appointment, have something available to take notes.

Your doctor will offer you advice and insights about how your feeling. While you may think you can remember everything, it’s easy to forget a few details. Have a notebook handy or open a document on your laptop before your appointment, so you don’t miss a thing.

4. Gather At-Home Medical Devices

If you have any medical devices at home, keep them nearby during your telehealth appointment. Your physician may request a current reading during your virtual session.

At-home medical devices you can use during a telehealth appointment include:

  • Thermometer
  • Scale
  • Glucometer
  • Heart meter
  • Blood pressure monitor

If you want to save time during the appointment, get readings from medical devices before your appointment starts. Hop on the scale or take your temperature and report your results when your appointment begins.

5. Be Ready for a Follow-Up

Telemedicine allows you to maintain good health without leaving your home, which is why 75 percent of patients enjoy using virtual services compared to in-person visits.

In some cases, the physician may request a follow-up in-person appointment with a local doctor. If the physician is concerned, he or she may recommend you visit urgent care or the emergency room.

In most cases, however, your telehealth doctor will schedule a virtual follow-up to see if your symptoms are subsiding.

Schedule Your First Telehealth Appointment

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