evening routine

Not being able to get to sleep can mess up the whole day and your health. Not to mention, it can be extremely frustrating by itself.

But it doesn’t have to be. Read on to learn about some things you can do to your evening routine to make it easier.

1. Recover From the Day Mentally

It doesn’t matter how the day went. This day is over.

Brooding over the day can build anxiety or restlessness in you. This, in turn, prohibits sleep. But to sleep better, there are a lot of things you can do to calm your mind.

You can meditate, emptying it completely. You can read a book, escaping to an entirely different world. You can work on a puzzle or do some art.

Whatever it is, make sure your mind is engaged on it rather than the day. Give yourself the time to actually wind down.

2. Recover From the Day Physically

Your body may still be holding onto the tension of the day. That can hinder your ability to go to sleep, and stay asleep.

Try doing some stretches. Working out can give your body that chance to release the tension.

You don’t have to wear your body out. But light exercise can be enough to make your body more agreeable to sleep better.

And make sure not to have much sugar or caffeine before bedtime. You don’t want to get your body wound up before it’s time to sleep.

3. Limit Electronic Use

There are reasons that phones and computers offer a night mode option.

Having artificial light directed at your face tells your body it needs to stay awake and focus. It tricks it into thinking it’s still daytime.

Ideally, you should put all the electronics down for the night. But that’s not always realistic.

So, instead, use your night modes and limit your interactions.

4. The Rest of the World Doesn’t Exist

You’ve already recovered from the day, so there’s no reason to remind yourself of the world. And if you’re limiting your electronics anyway, might as well limit your social media usage.

Sometimes, it can be relaxing, scrolling through images, and laughing at funny memes. But other times, it can be distressing, especially if you’re someone who generally hears news first via social media.

It won’t help you get better sleep.

Leave the news where it is. You can get caught up in the morning after you’ve had some rest.

5. Just You and Your Bed

Make your bedroom comfortable.

Adjust the temperature because your body temperature will decrease as you sleep. And make sure your sheets and bed are how you like them.

You can even do some light cleaning in your room, making it more comfortable. Keep your room just for you and your sleep.

Now your mind is soothed, your body comfortable, and your bedroom ready for you. It should be a lot easier to get better sleep.

Add These Tips to Your Evening Routine

Adding some healthy habits to your evening routine will help you sleep better. Follow ours so you’ll feel more well-rested.

Make an appointment with the Center for Health and Wellbeing and we can help you be more active in that effort.