In this video, Dr. Silberman explains all of the benefits of blue light blocking glasses and how they can be beneficial to helping you improve your sleep and overall health.

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On average we spend about 11 hours a day looking at screens that emit a significant amount of light called blue light. Prolonged exposure especially later in the day or in the evening can negatively impact our sleep circadian rhythm and our hormone production.

This is going to potentially create challenges for people managing conditions associated with fatigue or even their ability to manage stress.

If your’e struggling with sleep, keeping up energy throughout the day, and want a simple hack for your day-to-day life then blue light blocking glasses might be a great fit for you.

If you want to learn more about ways you can sort of support your circadian biology and hormones with simple things like light therapy, reach out to the office and schedule an appointment with one of our naturopathic doctors.

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