Payam Zand, N.D.

Naturopathic Medicine

Functional| Holistic | Alternative

Dr. Zand’s Philosophy

“I have a great passion for education my patients about their health so that they feel empowered to make informed decisions regarding their care.  I believe that this enables patients to fundamentally understand the determinants of their health and therefore become empowered to sustainably structure their lifestyle in order to meet their health goals.

I have a great deal of experience and passion for treating Mold, EBV, Lyme, and other biological infections, as they constitute a massively underdiagnosed and undertreated sector of our health system.” 

What Makes Dr. Zand Different

Dr. Zand believes that every patient is unique and thus each patient should be treated as such. Through the use of comprehensive laboratory blood testing, in-depth patient history, symptom assessment, and physical examination, unique treatment plans will be given to each patient. Dr. Zand believes in identifying the root cause of patient’s illnesses rather than treating the symptom.

Dr. Zand has a true passion for empowering his patients along the journey to optimal health and wellbeing, including the management of health and hormonal optimization.

Integrative Naturopathic Medicine

Functional | Holistic | Alternative

Dr. Zand completed his undergraduate studies from UCSB with a bachelor’s in biology while volunteering at several underserved community clinics. He then attended Bastyr University, an accredited 4-year naturopathic medical school, in addition to a naturopathic residency in environmental health to become a licensed Naturopathic Physician. Bastyr University is the leading school of Naturopathic medicine and seeks to combine cutting edge scientific evidence with a holistic, sustainable approach to healthcare.
In addition to his Naturopathic Doctor degree, he has completed training in Functional Medicine that includes a wide array of alternative and complementary treatments.
Dr. Zand utilizes therapies and modalities including:

Mold Toxicity

Environmental Health

Functional Medicine

Chronic Sinusitis

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Myofascial Release Techniques


1st Year residency/Carmel Valley Family Practice, Del Mar, CA / 2016-2017

Medical Degree
Naturopathic Medical Doctor – Bastyr University, San Diego, California / 2016

Undergraduate Studies
Bachelor of Biological Sciences – University of California, Santa Barbara, California / 2011

Continued Medical Education 
IV certification

Craniosacral therapy certification

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