The Center for Health and Wellbeing

San Diego’s premier integrative medical practice that has been providing a healing experience that bridges the gap between conventional allopathic medicine and alternative and complementary therapies for more than a decade.

Our practitioners work as a team in a healthcare continuum that emphasizes prevention, education and lifestyle management to assist you in achieving optimal health and wellness; mind, body, and spirit.

The integrative philosophy believes that health is more than the absence of disease; a person is more than their symptoms, healing requires a whole-person approach, and empowered patients make long-term and lasting changes that support healing and optimum health

Janette Gray, M.D. Medical Director

Janette Gray, M.D.  Dr. Janette Gray, M.D., a licensed internist, practices “Holistic Integrative Primary Care” medicine emphasizing prevention and embracing both conventional and holistic treatment options.

“The body has the profound ability to heal itself. Education, prevention, and properly combining conventional and natural remedies are truly the best medicine,” says Dr. Gray.