NAD is a naturally-occurring coenzyme our bodies produce from vitamin B3. This nutrient-derived compound helps regulate metabolism, cognition, lifespan, and more.

However, as you age, your cells start producing less NAD. Researchers think declining levels of NAD are responsible for many of the most common signs of aging, like loss of energy, brain fog, and poor muscle function.

These researchers also think NAD IV therapy can help reverse and prevent the aging process. Yet, aging individuals aren’t the only people who can benefit from NAD.

Want to know if and how NAD injections can help you? Then check out this article for all the benefits you need to know.

NAD Boosts Your Metabolism

NAD is essential for a healthy metabolism, which is the process of turning food into energy. You may know that the rate of metabolism declines after childhood. What you may not know is that NAD IV therapy can reverse this effect.

The first way NAD increases metabolism is by regulating oxidation-reduction reactions, which are vital for a healthy metabolism. NAD also helps the liver break down the fats and produce the chemical our cells use for energy.

What does all this mean for you? Increased metabolism comes with a whole host of benefits, including weight loss and increased levels of energy throughout the day.

NAD IV Therapy Assists in Addiction Recovery

NAD acts on the body in the same way as opiates, but with much fewer side effects and no potential for addiction. For that reason, NAD therapy can be highly effective for opioid addicts. In fact, NAD has been shown to:

  • Reduce withdrawal symptoms during recovery
  • Eliminate cravings to reduce the risk of relapse
  • Provide the mental clarity needed to overcome addiction

Addiction recovery is already hard enough without the side effects of rehabilitation medications. That’s why many addicts prefer the all-natural benefits of NAD instead.

NAD Supercharges Your Anti-Aging Routine

Declining levels of NAD may contribute to some age-related conditions. This is likely because NAD is involved with the production of new proteins from DNA.

Specifically, NAD interacts with a family of proteins involved in aging processes. These proteins and NAD work together to protect DNA from damage and correct mutations when they arise. NAD also helps mitochondria fold proteins properly to ensure they function the right way.

Through these mechanisms, NAD IV therapy can improve physical signs of aging, prevent future health problems, and benefit your general wellbeing right now.

NAD Injections Prevent Cognitive Decline

Studies have shown that NAD can prevent and even reverse age-related cognitive decline.

NAD regulates levels of a particular type of protein that works in the brain to protect cells against neurodegenerative disease and brain cell death. Combined, NAD and these proteins can:

  • Improve memory
  • Improve focus
  • Reduce brain fog
  • Improve mood

While it isn’t a miracle cure, this treatment can certainly improve your overall brain health.

Nutrient IV Therapy in San Diego, California

By now, you should know that NAD IV therapy isn’t for aging people alone. If you’re an athlete, an addict, or someone who just wants to be as healthy as possible, you can benefit from NAD, too.

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