Brain burned out, or dependent on substances?

Feeling like your brain isn’t working right anymore, due to the use of psychiatric medications, sleep medications, alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco or marijuana, or addiction to the screen (social media, video games, etc.)?

Or do you just feel you’ve lost your mental sharpness and drive from overwork?

Either situation above eventually leads to your neurotransmission (your electrical and chemical brain signals) not working right anymore.  That leaves you feeling anxious, depressed, foggy-brained, tired and unmotivated.

What can be done to get your brain back?

NeuroRecover™ intravenous NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) plus amino acids is a fairly newly-discovered therapy that assists in the natural repair of brain tissue.  Given as a slow IV drip over several hours, it bathes the damaged brain in an abundance of repair materials which are not normally available to the nervous system.  The brain’s tissues absorb these nutrients and rebuild the damaged, worn-out synaptic receptors.  This allows the transmission of signals to get back up to its natural, faster speed, so the brain works again in its natural, balanced, powerful way.

The result is the ability to get off medications and drugs rapidly with minimal withdrawal and to have cravings disappear quickly.  Patients consistently report a return of energy, desire to do things, mental clarity, social awareness and interest, and a disappearance of anxiety.  This works just as well for those dealing with drug dependence as those with overwork and burnout, or with screen addiction.

In addition to treating the damaged brain, our doctors address the underlying health conditions that are so often the original causes that drive patients to use medications and drugs.  This comprehensive approach is necessary for you to get not just your brain but your health back, also.

Let’s get started!

John Humiston, M.D., Adam Silberman, N.D. and Leslie Karr, FNP are trained NeuroRecover™ practitioners at the Center for Health and Wellbeing who can get your brain back on the right track.  NeuroRecover™ is billable to your insurance.  Call for a consultation today!